Goals of the two satellites:
• Localize, transfer, and develop the satellite’s technology and establish an advanced infrastructure
• Enabling and qualifying Saudi labors to develop, manufacture and operate Saudi satellites
• Serving beneficiary form public sectors in Saudi Arabia

As we own our land

We own our Space

By our youth efforts, we faced challenges and built our land’s glory then we had a bigger dream and a bigger ambition that went beyond the sky to reach the space and roaming with our success through the satellites Saudi Sat 5 A&B

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Saudi Sat 5 Mission

KACST has exerted efforts over the years to transfer and localize advanced technologies such as satellite technologies, qualify the national labor to deal with these technologies, establish an advanced infrastructure.
KACST has developed and manufactured the Saudi Sat 5A and Saudi Sat 5B in its laboratories by our national hands, and these two satellites will be used to provide government agencies with high-resolution satellite images to use it in the sustainable development.
The two satellites will be operated from an advanced control station that is located at the headquarters of King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology in Riyadh.


The Saudi Space Program Objectives

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is Seeking to achieve regional leadership in the fields of international space and contribute to the future development of this vital sector, Saudi Arabia is working on space technologies and systems through national and international cooperation in R & D programs, technology transfer and localization.
KACST has attained many achievements by launching 13 Saudi satellites between 2000 and 2017. Further, in cooperation with the US space agency "NASA", Stanford University, and KACST the satellites carried out scientific experiments in space in 2014 on the satellite (Saudi Sat 4). Besides that, in partnership with the China National Space Administration’s Chang’e 4 lunar in 2018, KACST has participated in the mission to explore the dark side of the moon.